Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hypocrasy and Writer's Block

So I was reading about coffee and I came across this sentence: "Writers are another example: it is common to sit around for days or weeks waiting for inspiration to hit ('writer's block')."

My gut reaction is to sneer. I place myself firmly in the bum-glue tradition of writing- write everyday, even if it's crap, because the Muse requires a courtship. You don't lie around hoping she notices you. (This metaphor is starting to slide into a rant about "nice guys" so I'll stop now.) In any case, I reacted to this particular sentence with my normal mixture of annoyance and superiority before it occurred to me that I am completely full of it.

Not often, but every once in a while, I get too busy to write. Things interfere- like the rent- and I find myself working like a sled dog for a month or two. And looking back, I see that this just happens to correspond with sticky parts in my stories. I'll find myself horribly overworked and then I return to my chair after a bit, relieved and determined and write on like nothing happened. Like I couldn't have done it weeks ago if I'd stopped bull-shitting myself and spent that half-hour doing yoga working on my book instead.



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