Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Warm Ups

If I had known I wouldn't have a dig for the whole month of January, I probably wouldn't have gone to Miami. I love UC, and now I love Miami, but... yeesh. It took some financial back flips to pay the bills this month.

But, a good friend offered to pay my way to Boston, so now I'm on his couch and blogging as a warm-up to editing/outlining my novel. I'm experimenting with the outline thing, in that I'm outlining after writing instead of before. When it comes to writing, I don't like a lot of plans, but I feel like I need a more explicit concept of the book if I want to edit it. Basically I'm going through each chapter and scene and asking myself, "What does this scene do for the plot or characters?" and then noting that. Hopefully it will help the process go quickly, because I want to send my baby out right this second but I feel like that would be rather unprofessional. Though with the amount of time it takes the publishing industry to do anything, it might be six one way, half dozen the other.


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