Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sex Sells Bi Girls

It took me a while to catch on that I was attracted to girls, not because I didn't notice the feelings, but because I thought they were normal. I mean, pretty girls are everywhere, being used to sell pretty much everything. I spent a good portion of Final Fantasy X staring at Lulu's tits or trying to peek at her panties through that belt-skirt. So what? So did most of my friends, and everyone on the internet. Everybody likes girls. Girls are hot, no matter who you are. Right?

I finally did start to get a clue in college. The drumline used do go and play for the student section during 3rd quarter at games; the dance team would come and dance in front of us. (Not that dance specifically, but they did wear those outfits). We would do a couple of cadences, and then end with Shaka Zulu. It's a cadence we repeat three times, slow, medium and fast. By the time we were playing fast, they were racing through that dance, booty-shaking and bend-snapping all over the place. By the time we were playing fast, I was so horny I couldn't see straight.

Oh. Ooh.

This came to mind because I overheard a conversation about sex and power- ok, read on the internet, but I can't find the link. It was about some of the annoying ways women are treated in comics- specifically, that they're killed off at like twice the rate of their male counterparts, and that they wear no clothes and are often portrayed in flagrantly fanservice (rather than, say, plot or character) oriented ways.

I understand... but on the other hand, god, do I love those trashy sexy pictures. It's like when a boyfriend checks out another girl- I'm too busy checking her out myself to be offended. It does make me wonder, though. How much of my lady-lust is simply really good marketing? The images are so all-encompassing, it's hard for me to believe other women don't react.

In other news, I started the dig :) Sadly, I was unemployed long enough that I lost all my callouses. My poor palms are practically pink!


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